"Cover your style" certainly applies here, because with car wrapping you can give your own touch to your vehicle.

Whether it is to use the company colours on your fleet, a striking advertising message or simply to have a glitzy car.

You also give your car paintwork a protective layer and this in turn has the advantage that you can sell the car with an undamaged/non-damaged paint layer.


The offer of car wrapping film today is huge. We prefer to work with 3M, AVERY and ORACAL.

If you are thinking about carwrapping, we can make an appointment to look at your car together.

We discuss what is possible and what is not possible depending on the condition of your car, what your wishes and expectations are and then you can make a film choice.


Wrapping your entire vehicle is not necessary. You can accentuate things by wrapping just the roof, mirrors or racing lines.

The latest trend is dechroming. Here all the chrome strips on your car are wrapped with black foil. The choice is e.g. matte or shiny or carbon effect...



After a visit, a correct price can be determined. A fullwrap, for example, requires more working hours and film than an accent.

In addition, the type of car is also important and the specific choice of film you make.

Wrapping is not only for cars! Your bike, surfboard, snowboard, boat and even a helicopter is already on our list.

We can even wrap your furniture or interior. You can find this film at link "Cover Styl'".