Textile frames


A textile frame is an aluminium frame with a textile fabric, fitted with a silicone tendon. The frames are always made to measure so that they are suitable for every space.

This is possible both against the wall and freestanding. With or without LED light. For each type of frame there is also a matching textile.

These textile cloths can easily be replaced afterwards. So you can always give your environment a new look.

Indoor and outdoor

Besides the textile frames for indoor use, we also offer a textile frame for outdoor use. This makes it possible to vary endlessly with one and the same frame.

This revolutionary textile frame is the ideal solution for changing the look of your products in an affordable way.

This can be useful for communicating temporary promotional campaigns to your customers. In addition, it is also suitable for long-term use. Z

It can also serve as a carrier of your corporate identity on your façade or in any other visible outdoor location.

If you only need the tarpaulin itself, you can easily order it from us.


More about the groundsheet/benefits

A tendon cloth is actually a cloth with a flat silicone tendon all around it that simply stretches a textile frame.

With a stretcher piece in a textile frame, you can hide unsightly walls without any extra costs for making the wall smooth and clean.

Just attach the frame and then the cloth, and you can hide many unwanted sights.