Sunrays are finally held in check

The sun protection films we use offer many advantages in all seasons. Not only do they regulate the incidence of light as you wish, they also optimise the temperature: better insulation in winter and a significant reduction in solar heat in summer. And with less use of heating and air conditioning, that's also good news for your wallet and the environment... Avoid excessively high temperatures resulting from exposure of windows to the sun and protect all objects from fading due to UV light. Thanks to our wide range, the ideal film is always within reach. It is suitable for all types of buildings, both indoors and outdoors, without sacrificing brightness.

Solar control

SOLAR VARNISH / Solar Varnish

The solar varnish is an effective solution for surfaces pervious to light and heat. Simple to put in place, the varnish can be applied to all surfaces made of glass and synthetic materials: roof glazing, glass blocks, ribbed plastics, polycarbonate ...

Warranty 3 YEARS
Storage from -5°C to +40°C 1 YEARS
Widths available:

1. High optical quality polyester

2. Bonding adhesive

3. PVC with anti IR metal particles deposit

4. Protection liner, disposable after installation

Maintenance instructions


Data calculated based on film applied to clear glass 3 mm thick (*on double glazing 4-16-4)

Ultraviolet transmission %
Visible light transmission +/- 20 %
Reflection of external visible light 70 %
Reflection of internal visible light 70 %
Total solar energy rejected 60 %
Total solar energy rejected 2* %
Solar ratio :
    Solar energy reflection +/- 60 %
    Solar energy absorption +/- 10 %
    Solar energy transmission +/- 30 %
Reduction in Solar Glare 80 %
Heat loss Reduction (Winter)
Rejected Infrared (760-2500 nm)
Shading coefficient
Installation type :
Roll length m
Film composition
Thickness μ
Colour from the outside :
Installation advice

Vertical installation and on standard glass surface*

Clear single pane solarscreen Clear single pane
Tinted single pane solarscreen Tinted single pane
Reflective tinted single pane solarscreen Reflective tinted single pane
Clear double pane solarscreen
Tinted double pane solarscreen Tinted double pane
Reflective tinted double pane solarscreen Reflective tinted double pane
Gas-filled double pane - Low E solarscreen Gas-filled double pane - Low E
STADIP EXT. clear double pane solarscreen STADIP EXT. clear double pane
STADIP INT. clear double pane solarscreen STADIP INT. clear double pane
solarscreen Yes    solarscreen Caution    solarscreen Not recommended   

Non-contractual data. We reserve the right to modify the composition of our films at any time. Consult our warranty documents.

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