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The desire for privacy comes naturally to us... It allows you to be yourself, no matter where you are, at home or at work. Our range of designer films offers new perspectives on privacy to those who need it, whether in a meeting room or a bathroom. Our films, which can be installed indoors or outdoors, offer varying degrees of opacity as well as motifs and patterns. Thus, privacy needs are met without sacrificing brightness. Discover dozens of coloured or matt covering patterns to match the glazing of businesses and shops. These patterns are inspired by the city, nature, geometry or the sky. Choose from opaque, matt, white, grey, black, blackout and coloured films. The Aurora film, on the other hand, offers intangible plays of light thanks to its dichroic technology. Originality guaranteed!


WHITE LINES / Linea 18

The Linea 18 decorative film allows you to effectively personalise your windows and glass partitions. It features a pattern composed of white 18mm bands arranged horizontally and separated by 6mm clear aspect bands.

Warranty 5 YEARS
Fire-resistance rating M1
Storage from -5°C to +40°C 3 YEARS
REACH RoHS compliant Respected
Widths available:
152 cm

1. High optical quality polyester with printed design

2. PS adhesive, glass polymerization within 15 days

3. Protection release liner, disposable after installation

Maintenance instructions

Soapy water solution (ref. 0805 Film on), do not clean for at least a month and do not apply any type of sticker or adhesive on the film.


Data calculated based on film applied to clear glass 3 mm thick (*on double glazing 4-16-4)

Ultraviolet transmission NC %
Visible light transmission NC %
Reflection of external visible light NC %
Reflection of internal visible light NC %
Total solar energy rejected %
Total solar energy rejected 2* %
Solar ratio :
    Solar energy reflection NC %
    Solar energy absorption NC %
    Solar energy transmission NC %
Reduction in Solar Glare NC %
g-value NC
u-value NC
Heat loss Reduction (Winter)
Rejected Infrared (760-2500 nm)
Shading coefficient NC
Installation type : Interior
Roll length 50 m
Film composition PET
Thickness 40 μ
Colour from the outside : WHITE
Installation advice

Vertical installation and on standard glass surface**

Clear single pane solarscreen Clear single pane
Tinted single pane solarscreen Tinted single pane
Reflective tinted single pane solarscreen Reflective tinted single pane
Clear double pane solarscreen
Tinted double pane solarscreen Tinted double pane
Reflective tinted double pane solarscreen Reflective tinted double pane
Gas-filled double pane - Low E solarscreen Gas-filled double pane - Low E
STADIP EXT. clear double pane solarscreen STADIP EXT. clear double pane
STADIP INT. clear double pane solarscreen STADIP INT. clear double pane
solarscreen Yes    solarscreen Caution    solarscreen Not recommended   

*Recommendations provided on the basis of a glazed surface covering up to 2.5m².

Non-contractual data. We reserve the right to modify the composition of our films at any time. Consult our warranty documents.

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