Innovation and technology for window films

Window films are constantly evolving and new innovations appear every year. It is important that Solar Screen always uses the latest technologies. In this section we offer films specially designed for office spaces that provide privacy, confidentiality as well as interactive working spaces. We also offer the best sun protection with our photochromic films, our anti-fade films and our photosensitive inactinic films. As far as protective films are concerned, the film against electromagnetic waves which is equivalent to a sound film but also to an anti-condensation film. If we talk about design films, there are our dichroic films, Aurora films, but also our Total Mirror film with its high metal density, based on PET.


Advanced Solar Protection / Magnetic Whiteboard

This film laminated to a ferrous film transforms your smooth or glazed surfaces into an erasable whiteboard with the possibility of being able to set any documents using magnets (not supplied along).

Warranty 10 YEARS
Storage from -5°C to +40°C 3 YEARS
REACH RoHS compliant Respected
Widths available:
120 cm

1. White PVC compatible with erasable pen

2. Bonding adhesive

3. 500μ ferrous film

4. PS adhesive, polymerizes with glass within 15 days

5. Protection release liner, disposable after installation

Maintenance instructions

Soapy water solution (ref. 600-F0355 Film on), do not clean for at least a month and do not apply any type of sticker or adhesive on the film.


Data calculated based on film applied to clear glass 3 mm thick (*on double glazing 4-16-4)

Ultraviolet transmission 1 %
Visible light transmission 0 %
Technology PET+FER
Thickness 550 μm
Finish Glossy/white
Surface(s) Flat surface
Application type Indoor
Printing method UV - UV gel
Outdoor resistance 2 years
Indoor resistance 15 years
Anti-scratch/hard coat No
Type PS adhesive
Performance Permanent
Type Clear PET
Thickness 60µ
Glass surface  
Meeting room  
Compatible with erasable pen  

Non-contractual data. We reserve the right to modify the composition of our films at any time. Consult our warranty documents.

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